NOVAA – Rose Lyrics

Come on turn it down, sit with me right here
We will sort it out, quietness is all near
I don’t wanna touch you no
This is not touchable

Come on take my hand, we will leave the ground
Flying there above to build what we found
You don’t wanna see me no
This is not physical

Come on block them out, we will dance alone
They won’t see where we go, go block them out
We will dance alone
Step by step we will leave them all

Come one let this go, we will let them fall
They’ve been trying to keep this small
Come on let this go, we will make them fall
This is ain’t something small

Come on take these stairs, they will guide you up
All the love you had crawls back to the top
We don’t wanna feel this no
This is not material

Don’t you trust in what you have seen
These were just dull human needs
I don’t wanna know them no
This is universal love

We’re in a shelter that nobody knows
It’s irrational, it ain’t human world
We’re made of heaven we just didn’t know
Can you hear this oh silence talks to you