Sean Kingston & Kodak Black – Lonely Lyrics

[Verse: Kodak Black]
Look everybody left and now I’m thuggin’ by myself
Niggas ain’t even help me when I asked that boy for help
I got to know myself again, stuck off in a cell
I love to tote the .38 because it catch the shells
Pocket monster, I ain’t gotta tuck it by my belt
You know I keep that heater on me hotter than hell
So much ice on me I might fuck around and melt
With that poker I be rackin’ up more points than a shell
My lil nigga workin’ for me, call the boy elf
Gotta play for keeps, everybody for they self
Nigga when you do it, better do it like the best
They love it how I do it, I ain’t nothin’ like the rest
Lil nigga when you say it, better say it with your chest
And when I come, you know I come in four fours and a fed(?)
Free Lil Jack Boy and (?) I know they gonna ride
The most is two niggas with me when I slide
So what that mean? Three niggas round with that iron
Three niggas and we all totin’ .45s
Kick down your door and I don’t wanna hear your baby cry
Jumped off the porch, momma I am not a baby now
I was just a baby, lil nigga been five
I wanted a baby K, I ain’t wanted a baby nine
They left me on my lawn, now ain’t nobody hold me down
Leave me on my lawn, I’ma soldier I’ll be fine
And never get a text, now they blowin’ up my line
I’ve been put before the X, they wanna have me crucified
In the gutter, had to bubble, I’ma hustler, I’ma grind
In the gutter, it’s a struggle, had to suffer to survive
Nigga throwed me in the jungle, I’ma rumble for my life
Nigga throwed me in the jungle, motherfucker I survived
Pull up in a Jaguar, nigga I ain’t lyin’
Run up with that monkey suit, nigga I ain’t lyin’
Everything 1k, gotta keep it 1k
Sixteen, I opened shop at my momma place
Bitch I had the weed, I had the pills, had the yay
Ask around about me nigga, listen what they say
Used to post on the porch, made like 500 a day
I’ve been outchea thuggin’, nigga check my resume
I pray for better days, takin’ chances everyday
I would roll round, tearin’ up the interstate
Just like the (?) I’ma pull up to the chase
I ain’t shootin’ dice but I’m about to break the bank
I ain’t musky but I stink cause I been smokin’ dank
Nigga this a gunfight, why the fuck you brought a shank?
I won’t let nobody trip me off the streets, fuck the pain
I don’t care about no jury if it ain’t a (?)
I’ve been had the rank way before the fame came
Project baby, I’m just the one that came to maintain

[Outro: Sean Kingston]
Hustle day to days, yeah we tryna get more
Hopin’ I could tell my momma, “work no more”
Young nigga grimy and we tryna get more
Yeah we tryna get more
Tryna get it, tryna get it dog
We hustle hard, yeah we ship it off
Move in silence, never let ’em know
Move in silence, never let ’em know