Yasiin Bey – Hymn lyrics

[with Ferrari Sheppard]
Get well, so sick of it all
Search engine on, looking for God
Telescope now had to look for
Green in the yard, the sun and the stars
Eyeside trouble from watching the news
[?] the old blank hustle
This episode by burn in hell productions
Always doin’ the most at doin’ nothin’
Hate the bait champ, believe what you wanna
The block was hot was before the first day of summer
Bright eyes, daydream and a physics class
Out the front door with a visit pass
Engine man, and it named back since
Still got good sense
And dreams of a 99 Civic six in the [?] with the animal print
Now to cause to the backroad
Ice cold, I’ll set for smoke
The hand of his gun and the clock, yeah
Bright back, feel the glow
Didn’t hold tight and let it go
Little shawty no chill, no cool to lose
Standing in the shade, sweating to his shoes
How many views? Wind that blow ooze
I’m confused
How many views?
So, what you gon’ do?
How many views?
So to blow ooze
You’re confused?
So, who’s on the hope?
Death and life,
Death and life
Some things death can’t kill
This is what death don’t kill, life!
This is what death can’t kill
They set the world at your feet
[?] are murdered in the street
Dog to the feel, dogs to the widrom
Spooks on the wheel, thrill, thrill, thrill, thrill
This is what death can’t kill
This is what death can’t kill
This is what death can’t kill, life!